Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak

MWLLO in partnership with RTP distributes Eid Meals and Sweets to people on low or no-income, special needs, self-isolating and the elderly in West London and King’s Cross area.

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Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem

MWLLO wishs you and your family to be able to do good deeds this Ramadan. O Allah forgive us for all our sins and add us to your special ones.Stay safe. Stay at home.

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The Charter of Makkah – وثيقة مكة المكرمة

The Charter of Makkah – وثيقة مكة المكرمةOn May 28, 2019, the “Charter of Makkah” was endorsed unanimously by an unprecedented group of the world’s leading Muslim scholars, who gathered in the Holy City for the promotion of moderate Islam. "The Charter of Makkah"...

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Dubai International Holy Quran Award Competition

Terms and conditions: The Candidate: Must be fully memorizing the Holy Quran by and fully conversant with the Tajweed rules. Has to be a Male Should not be over 25 years. Has never participated with previous Dubai International Holy Quran competitions. Should be a...

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The Quran and Athan International Awards

The Quran and Athan International Awards

An invitation to all heart-warming and mellifluous voices reciting the Holy Quran and raising Athan (prayer-call) The Quran and Athan International Awards To participate please visit:

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Introduction to Islam & the Muslim Culture Course ‏ – FREE

You are invited to an Introduction to Islam & the Muslim Culture Course ‏Cultural Competency Training - FREE With the increasing number of terrorist attacks associated with Islam across the globe, the constant negative portrayal of Islam in the Media, and the...

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Muslim World League London Office

46 Goodge Street,
London, W1T 4LU,
United Kingdom

020 7636 7568

Get In Touch

Is the Mosque open every day?

Yes, the mosque is open everyday during the five prayer times

What is the office hour?

Office hour is from 10 am to 5pm during the weekdays only.

How many Jummah Prayers do you have?

We have only one Jummah prayer and it is during 1 to 2 pm. Please see the home page

Do you have Women prayer room?

Yes, we have women prayer room in the ground floor near the entrance. We also have separte women toilet and wudo room in the basement.

Do you have Arabic and Quran classes?

Yes, the mosque have various programs all around the week. 

We have speacial Arabic and Quran teaching class for children in the weekend.

For more information please email or contact Mr. Fathi for this regard.