Conference on

‘Tolerance in Islam’

Brunei Gallery, SOAS, London, United Kingdom

Monday 15th May 2017




10:00 – 11:00

Registration and Refreshments

11:00 – 11:35

Opening Session

Conference Presenters:  Ahmad Alosimi

       Mariam Aleissa

Recitation from the Qur’an & Translation   

Welcoming Address by

Prof.Dr. Muhammad A S Abdel Haleem – BA (Cairo), PhD (Cantab), FCIL (London)

Professor of Islamic Studies at SOAS

Keynote Address by  

HE Dr Muhammad bin Abdulkarim Al Isa

Secretary General of the Muslim World League

11:35 -12:15          

Panel 1: Tolerance in Islam… A Method and a Message

Chair: Hajj Ahmad Thomson

Topic 1: Compassion and Brotherhood in Islam

Speaker:  Shaykh Haytham Tamim

Topic 2: Aspects of Tolerance in Islam

Speaker: Muhammad A S Abdel Haleem, OBE

Topic 3: Qur’anic Justice and Shared Social Ethics

Speaker: Dr Ramon Harvey

12:15 -13:00

Panel 2: Muslims and the Tolerance…  Scene and Objectives

Chair: Dr. Ahmed Meliebary

Topic 1: The Medina Charter (The First Islamic Constitution dealing with a Treaty on Tolerance and its Global Impact).

Speaker: Dr Ahmad Al-Dubayan

Topic 2: Islamic Tolerance through the Eyes of other Religions and Cultures

Speaker: Shafi Fazaluddin

Topic 3: Islam’s Contribution to World Peace

Speaker: Dr Hashim Mahdi

13:00 -14:30                      


Launch Break


14:30 -15:20

Panel 3: Tolerance and Homeland and Communities Security

Chair: Dr. Salman Al-Saad

Topic 1: Marmaduke Pickthall and Tolerance in Islam

Speaker: Peter Clark,OBE

Topic 2: Harmony between Islam and Homeland and Communities’ Security

Speaker: Ajmal Masroor

     Dr. Suhaib Abdul Gaffar Hasan

Topic 3: Role of the Institutions in Promoting Peace in the societies

Speaker: Dr. Fatima Rajina

15:20 -15:30

Question and Answers

15:30 -16:00

Closing Session, Award Giving Ceremony and Photo Session


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