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Daily Prayer Times

December 16, 2019
Zuhr Iqamah


2 Hours 32 Minutes
Prayer Begins Iqamah
Fajr06:15 06:45
Zuhr12:01 13:15
Asr13:36 14:00
Maghrib15:55 16:01
Isha17:32 18:00
Jumuah 1:00PM
Zuhr Iqamah


2 Hours 32 Minutes

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Jul 25 2019
An invitation to all heart-warming and mellifluous voices reciting the Holy Quran and raising Athan (prayer-call)
The Quran and Athan International Awards
To participate please visit:

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Our Latest Article

Jul 15 2019
Jun 3 2019

This Ramadan, the regional office of Muslim World League in London is celebrating five hundred thousand iftar meal (Ramadan meals) on the occasion of its 24th anniversary of Public Iftar Project in London.

The regional office of Muslim World League in London distributes more than 30,000 iftar meals each Ramadan for the last 24 years in London.

This year commemorates Muslim World League 24th anniversary for public Iftar project, offering iftar meals on a daily basis throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

Dr Ahmad Makhdoom, the Regional Director of MWLLO, explains that; this project initially started on Ramadan 1995 delivering 650 iftar meals per day to Muslim World League mosque visitors and nearby university students such as UCL and SOAS and members of the community. Read more…


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