Announcement: MWLLO CORONA (COVID-19) VIRUS UPDATE – 16th March 2020

by | Mar 16, 2020

Dear brothers and sisters,

As of today, the government chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance estimated more than 10,000 people infected in the UK. The total number of confirmed cases with the COVID-19 is currently 1413 cases, 35 people have died since yesterday. Government is expecting that this going to get significantly worse over the next 4-10 weeks based on the experience of other European Countries.

Given the unprecedented situation regarding COVID-19, the management of MWLLO-CIO has enforced these precautionary measures to protect and safeguard mosque users and its community and prevent the spread of the infection.

  1. Deep-cleaning measures around the mosque and the building to protect the users and the community around it.
  1. All Elderly over the age of 60 years or those with Chronic Health Conditions (Asthma, Diabetes, Heart Disease), are recommended to pray at home and not come to the mosque.
  1. If you have symptoms of fever and/ or a new cough you should NOT attend the mosque or Jummah Prayer.
  1. Wash your hands regularly (20 secs minimum). Avoid shaking hands, hugging and close physical contact with others.
  1. The mosque will open at 12:01 pm every day, close half an hour after Duhur prayers. Opens 30 minutes before and close 30 min after (Fajr, Asr, Magrib and Isha) prayers. No one will be permitted to stay in the mosque between Salahs (prayers).
  1. Friday prayer is subject to government recommendations and restrictions, which will be updated on ( website and its social media platforms. 
  1. It is advisable to bring your own Mussalla/Prayer Mat to the Masjid and Jummah to avoid contact with surfaces.
  1. Wudu/Ablution facility will be closed from 17th March 2020 and will remain close till further notice.
  1. Kitchen/canteen will be closed from 17th March 2020 and will remain close till further notice.
  1. MWLLO-CIO Arabic Weekend supplementary school will be closed until further notice.
  1. Please be prepared for sudden drastic measures such as the closing of the mosque completely, cancellation of Jummah, daily Salahs, all of this can happen suddenly or at a short notice.
  1. Updates will be posted, in our website and social media accounts:, Facebook account, Twitter: @TheMwllo 

We request for your cooperation and understanding

The Management Team
Muslim World League London Office – CIO

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