Florida University students visits MWLLO

by | Oct 20, 2022

On October 18, 2022, Muslim World League London office welcomed 15 students from the University of Florida accompanied by Professor Alan Walker, Professor of the World Religions Studies. The visit included touring around the building and learning about its history and the services it provides to the local community, such as prayers facilities for males and females, providing the venue for free to host seminars and workshops in education, interfaith and Islam. The visitors were amazed by the building’s wall museum that portrays and displays information about Islam through out the building.

Dr Ahmad Makhdoom, regional director of MWLLO and his team explained various aspect of Islam, monotheism and the holy Quran.
The students were able to hear the Adan (Call for prayers) and witness how Muslim prays during the Asr prayer time. They were fascinated by the extent of order and discpline among the worshipers.

Professor Alan Walker thanked MWLLO for hosting the students. Professor Walker was also happy to remark that this was the first time for his students to enter a Muslim mosque and witness a prayer in congregation. He thanked Dr Makhdoom and his team for the hospitality, warm welcoming and answering the students’ questions.

Finally, Professor Alan expressed that the trip has enabled and offered his students to learn and observe in action some of the Islamic principles, practice and its rich cultures, promising for similar visit in the near future.

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