Muslim World league London office (MWLLO) is happy to invite all students, both male, and female from the age of 11 to 20 years to participate in the upcoming competition.

The title of the competition:
“Worldwide competition on Prophet’s Seerah”

Objective of the competition:
1. To encourage the young Muslim to learn and know more about the teachings and noble character of the Prophet [pbuh].
2. To highlight the moral values and the human approach in the Prophet’s Seerah.
3. To show how it is easy to follow in his footsteps.

Format of the competition:
There will be a total of ten questions: seven in connection with memorizing the Arabic text of the Ahadith and three about the meaning of difficult words and points the text contains as are explained in the book.

The Language of the competition will be English and Arabic

A panel of Judges will review the competition and will announce the winners. Their decision will be the final.

The Winners will be awarded prizes as follows:
1st prize: An Umrah ticket with 5 days stay in Makkah and the competition shield.
2nd prize: iPhone and the competition shield.
3rd prize: iPad and the competition shield.

For more information and registration please email to:

To read the book please click Here

To download the book please right click on the link below and click SAVE AS

40 Hadith about Prophet’s Seerah (English)

40 Hadith about Prophet’s Seerah (Arabic)