The Muslim World League warns those engaged in Islamic work in general, that a number of centres, organisations, institutions and forums all over the world claims to be active in the field of knowledge, Islamic thought and work.

Many of them administer their offices only on internet and in the social media, with no physical one in reality. Fake or suspicious organisations have been established to grab money or to finance the terrorism or to support some extremist views or political or partisan views or to gain support for their particular agenda.

In addition, some of them personify personalities and positions in the field of Islamic work which do not exist in reality. Or they appear to have engaged in activates that serve suspicious organisations, extremist ideas and terrorist acts.

The MWL has prepared a complete database of such fake organisations which is based on surveys conducted with hundreds of scholars, students, du’at and Islamic thinkers who monitored their activities, institutions, centres and offices worldwide.

Since the MWL enjoys close relationship with those concerned globally, don’t hesitate to get appropriate information about any organisation to interact with.

It should be noted that the MWL, having embraced a new vision and a global and historical dimension about the Islamic affair and having been characterized as a global organisation, offers relevant services to the governments as well as the public worldwide.