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by | Jul 17, 2019

You are invited to an
Introduction to Islam & the Muslim Culture Course
‏Cultural Competency Training – FREE

With the increasing number of terrorist attacks associated with Islam across the globe, the constant negative portrayal of Islam in the Media, and the current issues relating to Relationship Sex Education in Schools and the LGBT community; isn’t it time to learn more about Islam and Muslims from authentic sources? Here is the opportunity!

Venue: Muslim World League
46 Goodge Street, London. W1T 4LU
Date: to be agreed Time: 9:30am to 4.00pm
Includes: lunch, information pack & visit to Mosque

Over 19,500 people throughout the UK have now attended this highly informative and successful course.
The course is delivered by Kaushar Tai, Management and Training Consultant, and is open to anyone who wishes to learn more about Islam & the Muslim culture.

Learning Outcomes:

• A better understanding of the basic beliefs & practices,
• Information regarding the background to Muslims in Britain,
• Confidence in understanding what is Islam and what is not,
• Are the actions of ISIS, Boko Haram, the Berlin and Paris Attacks, Islamic?
• Issues relating to LGBT issues and the Islamic perspective
• The meaning of Sharia Law? Understanding about the status of women in Islam
• The true meaning of Jihad? What actually happens inside a Mosque?

Who is this course for? All are welcome, including:

 Anyone who wishes to learn about Islam
 Public, Private & Voluntary Sector Workers, including police, Social Workers, Teachers; counter-terrorism officer, NHS staff; Mental Health Workers etc.
 Those who wish to improve their cultural competency training Foster Carers and those working with Muslim Refugees

This course offers an excellent opportunity to ask any questions in a friendly & comfortable environment. – Places are limited and will be on a first come first serve basis

Comments from previous delegates about the Islam course:

“There were so many things I took from the day that I can’t possibly put into words quickly, but suffice to say, I found it extremely informative and at times very touching”
Julie Purnell | Regional HR Business Partner – ITV West country

“I feel that more people should participate in course like that to gain a greater insighht to things we generally have litle knowledge about., and as we are all aware lack of knowledge lends itself greatly to discrimination”.
Anthony O’Farrell- Training Dept – HMP Liverpool

“I think I can say that I found this one of the most informative and helpful courses I have ever attended. It cut through any preconceptions I had about Islam and Muslim culture and it has really helped me to understand what it is like to be a Muslim in this country.
I would recommend this course without hesitation. Most enlightening”.
Iona Butler – Kent Adult Social Services

Doncaster & South Humber “After spending a day with you and the other people, representing the public and voluntary sectors learning about what being a Muslim in today’s world means I feel much more confident that I am better prepared to communicate with this important audience. It was quite an honour to sit at the back and watch one of the five prayer sessions”.
Barbara Mesa-Marketing and PR Manager

“..We were given a fascinating insight into Islam from the perspective of a woman. The speaker was very engaging, informative & it was apparent that she was dedicated to her faith. Every effort was made to answer all questions & once again this led to some very interesting discussion & debate”.
Valerie M Wordsworth – Service Improvement Assistant

“Everyone appreciated the spirit of openness and a willingness to share knowledge of the Muslim faith. Each member of staff who attended has come away from the course having gained a better understanding of Islam which will greatly assist us when working within the community”
Sally Fellows-Programme Manager-Tinsley Surestart

“I found the whole day to be extremely interesting and informative. It was refreshing to hear fact separated from myth and, perhaps most importantly, clearly defined the differences between religion and culture”.

Department of Trade & Industry, -Employment Services,
Isle of Man Government
“As a supervisor in a public service and as an individual I feel it is important to be aware of diversity in the organisation and the community it serves, this course has certainly educated me in aspects of Islam and I feel that I can encourage members of staff to attend and be confident that they will further their knowledge and awareness..”
Rhona J WaltonT/Administrative Supervisor

“We were impressed with the trainers’ vast knowledge & experience which they shared in an open & honest manner. No question was left unanswered, with examples given from personal experience, which made it more realistic & prompted discussion”
Allison Morgan – Housing Training Officer

Further comments and letters can be found on our website

Management & Training Consultants
For further information please contact:
Kaushar Tai at Aksaa on 0781 3811914

If you require Aksaa to deliver an in-house course or a ‘specialised’ course specifically for your organisation, then please contact above or email: to discuss your requirements.

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