Press Release

by | Oct 9, 2018

We would like to announce that the Goodge Street Mosque in London thanks Imam Ajmal Masroor for his voluntary services he rendered to the mosque during past many years. The mosque, in turn, has offered him a number of assistance and respected him for his profound help in achieving the mosque’s vision: integrating efforts in education and introducing Islam and serving the community. The mosque has provided him for more than a year, and free of cost, with the facilities to open an office for his Barefoot for family consultations. The mosque has also supported him to attend conferences in and out of the UK for the sake of community and national interest.

It was agreed with him that the mosque pulpit is not the place to attack people, governments, group or sect or to express certain political views. And together, we will strive for coexistence, tolerance and cooperation to serve the British community. But since he continued provoking public opinion against the individuals, governments, causing stir in the society, shaming and accusing falsely, no option was left but to stop dealing with him in anyway.

It must be recalled that the Muslim World League London Office is a non-governmental, non-political organisation that offers its religious and community services.

It must be stressed upon that the Goodge Street mosque is one of most diverse mosques in the heart of London. Its doors are wide open to all community members irrespective of their faith, race, language, orientation, gender etc. To say that only Saudi projects would have the right to use the office space in the building, as Ajmal’s Facebook says, is a sheer ignorance of real character of the mosque.

We pray to Allah to guide us all to the right path and grant strength to do good for the humanity.

Regional Director of
Muslim World League London office

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