Secretary General of Muslim World League Dr. Mohammad Bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa addressed journalists in the Press Club Brussels Europe on March 6 after meetings with parliamentarians, EU officials and Belgian representatives.

Karim Al-Issa, who has also served as a former law minister of Saudi Arabia condemned and refuted international media reports blaming Saudi Arabia for financing and promoting extremism, terrorism and sectarian conflicts throughout the world. Rather, he said, KSA was at war against terrorism and terrorist organisations such as Al-Qaeda and Daesh. He asserted that terrorists were targeting KSA more than any other country. Al-Issa also warned that terrorists are successfully using social media to misguide young minds throughout the world.

“Islam is a 1,400-years old religion. It cannot be equated and judged by the few events and attacks, carried out because of political or geo-strategic interests. As a religion, Islam teaches humanity, tolerance, and mutual respect,” Al-Issa said.

Commenting on the recent controversy about Grand Mosque of Brussels, which was allegedly promoting extremism through its cultural centre, he said that investigations cleared the mosque of any such wrongdoing. He also clarified the position of the Muslim World League, and said that his organisation was struggling to promote the true Islamic ideals of fraternity and peace in the world. The organisation has launched many initiatives in various parts of the world to promote dialogue and peaceful co-existence.

The Muslim World League is an international non-governmental Islamic organisation, which was founded in 1962 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia following a resolution of the General Islamic Conference. The MWL has observer status in United Nations’s ICOSOC and is also a member of UNICEF. The charter of the organisation includes uniting the ranks of Muslims, removing divisive forces in Muslim communities, supporting charitable initiatives, refuting regionalism or racism and rejecting pretences of ancient as well as contemporary ‘Jahilliah’. The organisation strives to propagate principles and tenets of Islam while refuting false allegations against it.